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The streets of Kokura are very lively. In the center of the city, there is a new building in every corner of the street, including the Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu, making it a lively place.

Not only that. There is also lively flow of people. Many large-scale events including the popular "TGC KITAKYUSHU" were held, and the number of foreign tourists visiting Kitakyushu City has reached highest ever. The influx of foreigners is increasing.

With this trend, we aim for the prosperity of the city, and furthermore, invigorate the nightlife of Kokura. Under the motto of “Japan's safest, most secure, and attractive shopping district for everyone to enjoy!” and “Let everyone know that Kitakyushu is aiming for such a wonderful district!” we are striving to build all measures for our goals.
This is the core of Kokura Shoping District PR Operation.

Creators who are active in the whole country gather together to PR for the shop around Kokura! A completely new entertainment movie is born with the fusion of Kitakyushu City Tourism Ambassador, Mr.Imoaraizaka's 'kirekire' dance, Indian film's dance movies and Chaplin's silent movies!

Shooting at Kokura downtown!  Local dance team 9JACK Girls and local dancers appeared!  Kokura night's fairy also appeared!  Soundtrack  "K.K.R. ~ Dive Into The Night" is a song by Ayumi Hamasaki HΛL who
won the record arranger award of Japan.
 Kokura night starts here!!



Kitakyushu City Tourism Ambassador, comedian, entertainer, dance choreographer. TV "Enta god" "Kitakyushu cafe" NHK "future advertisement Japan" "Regular" is appearing.


Mitsuishi Ken

Born in western of Kita Kyusyu Yahata. An actor who plays a variety of roles. Appearance Drama: "Rikuo" "Hiyokko" "Otogejo Naoto Tora". Films: "Shin・Gozilla" "Outrage final" etc.


Takeuchi shoichi

Born in Nagata City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Main production as film producer and line producer for PV, television and CF. "ALVVAYS third chapter sunset" "Umaikai" etc.


Kondo Kazuhiko

Born in Ageo city, Saitama prefecture. TV director·Director. Main director·Director work. Aibo season 11 · 12 · 13 etc.

Tateyama with 9JACK GIRLs


HΛ L Toshiharu

Music producer. He is responsible for composing and arranging many artists' music and won the Best Record Arrangement Award in Japan for his recordings by Ayumi Hamasaki.


Tateyama Ritsuko

She is from Kitakyushu City. CROSSFM navigator. She has many fans with Sexy voice and frank talks.





Original song


Kitakyushu City Tourism Ambassador,

Ogushi Nao's. Recorded as 「咲乱夢想」!

To be released on May 2, 2018.   YZSA-18201  

Distributor:CROWN TOKUMA,   ¥1,200 tax included

Deep Kokura Movie clips「NANTION」(なんしよん)  has released!

CMore exciting movies of Deep Kokura will be updated!

CLICK for more movies!


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